Shadow and Light Work
Shadow and Light Work
Shadow and Light Work
Shadow and Light Work
Shadow and Light Work

Lizz Daniels is an experienced facilitator in creating transformational art and painting with intention.

Through honest self-knowledge and a deep understanding of darkness co-existing with light, she has the boldness to examine and confront her inner life. 

Holding a broad spectrum of emotional feelings and an openess to unseen worlds, Lizz transforms dark, negative, destructive thoughts through art and intentional creativity.

Finding light in the darkness

"Exterior influences and inner turbulence create patterns that require frequent questioning. Painting allows me to express my shadow side through a new and uplifting lens."

I am at the stage in my development where I must recognise the huge impact the death  of my six year old daughter  had upon my psyche and how that influenced my art and how I approach  life. I am so grateful that this beautiful soul chose to spend six years of sentient being with me.

My current work

My intention is to bring light into these dark areas, and this demands a certain type of bravery along with knowledge of what I am doing.  

Creativity has enriched my life and enabled me to meet challenges with grace and compassion. Motivating others to access their inner drive is something I am particularly good at.

I love to buy good quality used canvases and completely turn them into something else. This is the art of alchemy; the physical transformation of one thing into another! These paintings have a life of their own.

All my paintings have layers, lots of them! Re- surfacing a canvas is the part I love most and I am not afraid to paint over something I have spent weeks on, sometimes years, if I don’t have a feel for it. These paint overs and cover ups tend to happen very spontaneously in the spur of the moment with the help of different grounds such as pastes, gels, various mediums, and different kinds of collected papers.

Some paintings are continual work in progress, and although they have resting stages before the next round they are never finished until they find a new home.  


I am passionate paper collector and have been addictively involved with using paper serviettes for collage. Consequently, I have a huge unusual selection.

For many years I have been absorbed with cutting and sticking paper of different mediums. Through hours of repetitive work, I discovered the many benefits from connecting with this type of art.  I thrived on the mindless state it took me to, and I loved the results. Being a rip, tear and stick kind of woman, many of my current canvases have been heavily collaged; making wonderful textures with multi-layered surfaces.

There is no end to what can be made.

Sticking to unstick

Shared experience
Give your creativity room to grow.
Picking up thoughts

Intentional creativity

Today in Sandefjord, I run one-to-one courses and group workshops on intentional creativity  and create mixed media art for sale, exhibition and collaborative/public art spaces & festivals.

Creativity recycled

As a board member of Kulturkræsj, an annual multi-cultural street festival, I apply my energies to transforming locations and inspiring others with the power of their creativity.

In my birth town, Maidstone, Kent, UK, I was very active with Community Arts, running courses for all age groups and making a number of murals in local schools and public places.


When faced with the problem of single use plastic, (see Hats in a Pandemic, Hat #25) what better way to  transform this useless 'junk' than to create fun, silly, interesting artwork, hats and sculptures.


35 years of working in the fields of personal development and transformational growth.

Effective Communication Leader

Art of Allowing Facilitator

Intentional Creativity Teacher

Red Thread Guide

2 year Art Foundation Course (distinction), University of the Creative Arts, Kent, 2009

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