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Allsidige Tilfeldigheter

Art Collective & Art Sale, 17 – 30 July 2021

Krutthuset, Stavern

Welcome to an exhibition with five very different artists.
Anita Miric
Tor Arne Høili
Lizz Daniels
Linda Pinda
Simen Svendsberget

Discover versatile and decorative visual art in many sizes and styles. Everything from oil paintings to stencil art, installations and mixed media.

This is a sales exhibition.
12:00 – 17:00


Sunshine feeling

Here’s a nice couple of alcohol ink drawings with a sunshine feeling on a snowy day.


Party birds

The birds held a little gathering on the table.


My painting

The Old Threads are Unraveling

Julia Myers

“The old threads are unraveling,

Get your needles ready.

We are stitching a new quilt of humanity.

Bring your old t-shirts,

worn out jeans, scarves,

antique gowns, aprons,

old pockets of plenty

who have held Earth’s treasures,

stones, feathers, leaves,

love notes on paper.

Each stitch

A mindful meditation.

Each piece of material

A story.

The more color the better,

so call in the tribes.

Threads of browns, whites,

reds, oranges

Women from all nations

start stitching.

Let’s recycle the hate,

the abuse, the fear, the judgment.

Turn it over,

wash it clean,

ring it out to dry.

It’s a revolution

of recycled wears.

Threads of greens, blues, purples

Colorful threads

of peace, kindness,

respect, compassion

are being stitched

from one continent

to the next over forests,

oceans, mountains.

The work is hard

Your fingers may bleed.

But each cloth stitched together

Brings together a community.

A world, our future world

Under one colorful quilt.

The new quilt of humanity.”


Earth magic

The remains of Christmas…not exactly woodland path patterns .but inspired by Cathy’s pics

The needles are from the forest pine tree, with dried fruit decorations and all the planetary symbols made in their respective metal .


Dr Dread

Someone reminded me of my hats and I looked with interest at the photos she commented on. There are quite few that are equally relevant today as they were seven months ago, maybe even more so. I mean look at Dr. Dread. This was end of May… perhaps I am clairvoyant.


Power animal

And this one is all about me going back in time and finding my power animal to give myself the inner strength I lacked when I was fifteen years old.

So this is a little journey into the past.

Power Animal

Flowing with grief

Confessions of an artist living in Norway

This one, however, this one you see before your eyes, did not originate in Norway. It’s one of my sticky back plastic specialities. It doesn’t really show up super-duper here but it’s better than it’s ever shown up before.All that silver stuff you see is what is put on road signs so that when lights hit it at night in the dark, it all shines up. So what I was playing with here was doing with a lot of very transformative sort of art pieces.

The trouble was I was never actually got to show them to anybody in their real transformative format, as with this light because it’s really different when it’s just a plain bit with a lot of sticky back plastic on it.

And those sticky back plastic pictures took forever. I mean there’s just so much energy from cutting and crying and grief gone into it, it’s unbelievable.

Anyway, another little introduction from Confessions from Norway. Thank you.


Bright side of quarantine walks in a graveyard

Another wet day another graveyard walk a few more graveyard pictures. My quarantine route.


Shed clearing

Indian stuff from way back when..some bits are really old.

I have collected so much on my travels and from flea markets and charity shops. It’s really time to shift them on. I used to sew a bit at one time and am a sucker for fine cloth and pretty patterns.

The Grey Dress

This child’s dress was ancient in 1975. Brought it from a Baluchistan woman in Mccloud Grange, the hill station just above Dharamsala. When we were there we had an audience with the Dali Lama (Lots of people not just us). I was about 24 and hadn’t a clue really. I dozed off and fell off my chair…


Not in my name.

Mixed media 20 x 26 ins.

She’s up in Cafe Vintage and looks really cool. Thanks #cafevintage for giving it such a nice place to hang until she finds a new home.

I painted her in 2018 before BLM took off in the way it has. Cafe Vintage has bought it. I was in there yesterday and saw her on the wall.

Seeing one’s work on display is always special. She was the last woman I painted in my series and is very close to my heart.

Colour Covid-19 Living in Norway painting with paper

Masks in a Pandemic?

Not happy with my expensive plastic transparent mask I did a little transformational work and made myself a snazzy little travelling number.

Colour Happiness meditation painting with paper

The Mother of Invention

Necessity is the mother of invention…my first web site cards made by hand. Back in the day when cash was not in the purse.

The website, my very first, ilovestickybackplastic ( no longer in existance) was all about recycled plastic adhesive, and I made about 500 cards out of sticky back plastic of course.

What a nutter eh!

Oh how I loved to cut and stick. Sticky back plastic kept me sane. I was going to throw them away but I can’t…not yet.

Colour Living in Norway meditation


I have been watching the transformation of this thistle since the 24th July. It gives me much pleasure to witness this.

Colour Covid-19 Hats Living in Norway Photography Studio

Hats in a Pandemic #55

Lost at Sea

I made this hat at the beginning of the pandemic when all the distraction stuff about toilet rolls and panic buying took over social media. The right opportunity never arose to post it and to be honest I thought it was rather silly.

Also, it never had a title until just recently. But today, it said ‘nows the time’, so here we go. Lost at Sea sums up the gullibility of the human mind, of how easy it is to be led astray and how easy it is to . forget.

Make of it what you will folks.

Colour Covid-19 Living in Norway meditation Photography Studio

Hats in a Pandemic #52

Burning with desire.

Time to create a better world. Our hearts must burn with desire to change what is, our minds must have a single will for this to happen The time is now.

Colour Hats Living in Norway Photography Studio

Start Up Sunday

Nothing like wearing a giant clog on your head to start up Sunday,

Colour Happiness

Petal picking

Pot pourie in the making. Petals picked at the right time and left to dry.

It’s a twice daily ritual. It gives me so much pleasure doing the ’rounds’. The garden holds the secrets of the universe, I love what it shows me.

Some plants have to go. Room has to be made for the new shoots. They need to grow in the right place. Taming some species letting wild others. Creating a balance between wild and cultivated and different varieties.

Developing good roots, that’s very important and is a matter of life and death. The roots of the wild plants are much stronger than the cultivated ones. Each has its place. Yes, it all happens in the garden.


Hats in Pandemic #41

Singing for the chickens in captivity.

My chicken kept winking at me when I passed it. Then I remembered the chicken candleholder.

Making the chicken stay on my head required good engineering. But why was a chicken on my head, and what’s with the candle?

Then the thought about chickens in captivity came. As a member of Compassion In World Farming I am aware of the suffering farm animals undergo worldwide, and decided to use this hat to bring this to your attention .

Singing for the chickens in captivity is really singing for all captive animals everywhere. They need our love and kind thoughts.

Colour Covid-19 Happiness Photography Studio

Hats in a Pandemic #39

Something Exotic

That fern just begged me to put it on my head. How could I refuse?

Colour Covid-19 Hats Photography Studio

Hats in a Pandemic #35

Love Sushi.

Years of saving the little sauce fishes one used to get with sushi has finally paid off, their day has come.

If I was not so busy with the garden, I would have laboriously filled all the fishes with different colors, but necklace and earrings were enough. I mean I don’t want too get too obsessed with this hat malarkey. It could be dangerous.

Colour Covid-19 Hats Living in Norway Photography Studio

Hats in a Pandemic #32

Being Played

As my life moved on, it became more and more apparent I was part of a game.

Childhood Colour Covid-19 Happiness Hats Photography Studio

Hats in a Pandemic #28

The bonnet she wore to the ball.

Nothing could hold her back, her resilience was strong. With the help of her own imagination she dressed herself up and skipped off to the Ugly Bug Ball.

Colour Covid-19 Happiness Hats Living in Norway Photography Studio

Hats in a Pandemic #27

A piece of pink plastic

‘I’ve got a present for you’, he said excitedly, handing me a large wodge of grubby pink plastic used for wrapping hay bales in. ‘I found it by the side of the road, I am sure you can make something with it.’

Colour Happiness Hats Photography Studio

Hats in a Pandemic #12

Easter Bonnet
Happy Easter everyone wherever you are. May your day be fluffy and light.

Colour Covid-19 Hats Living in Norway Photography Studio

Hats in a Pandemic #9

All Tied Up

What with one thing and another I got all tied up. Art piece no.9 is transforming all that male neck-knotting stuff in to something different.

Colour Covid-19 Hats Living in Norway meditation painting with paper Photography Studio

Hats in a Pandemic #6

It’s All Between My Ears

My Thinking Caps are small ‘captures’ of how I relate to our current adversity and they arise out of a need to process the huge amount of information coming my way.

It’s easy to be confused and I find myself being led off track. Sometimes I need to refocus.

Colour Covid-19 Hats Living in Norway

Hats in a Pandemic

I’m documenting my response to Covid-19 in a series of hats for a pandemic. From my safe and comfortable perspective in a remote house in Norway, I see fear and turbulence being expressed by all kinds of people on the internets. I’m channelling what I see now and what I’ve struggled to make sense of in the past, with moments of crazy, joy, sunlight and spring time. Our heads are all over the place, so I made hats for that.

Self care in a lockdown

If you are in a physical position to watch the sunrise, I urge you to try and make the effort to do it. Being there as the sun first shows its glorious rays is quite magic.

It is food for the soul. Having a cup of hot water, strange as that might sound is also very comforting. It’s a small free action to start our day, one that we can do for ourselves.

Colour Motherhood painting with paper Studio

Mother and Child

My Mother and Child piece continues to be a work in progress. Even though I painted it a year ago I’m finding it to be a very therapeutic to work on. It’s relevant to my life now and how I’m working through feelings and experiences.

The child is wearing a cloak of feathers. Her mother is entwined in a cloak of tree branches – though sometimes I wonder if she isn’t a tree herself. Whatever… she is rooted. Grounded. Certain. There is no messing with this strong female presence.

I began this mother and child painting during an online course called Mother Earth and I can’t let it go.

It’s poignant that I have been reflecting on my experience of being an abandoned child, how we (I!) crave safety and the intense love a mother has for her child. The therapeutic meanings behind the image are relevant and personal to me.

Synchronicity plays games with me, I’ve also been briefly dipped into  the rich, lush colours and secret gardens of Marrakech, with my family. It’s  drawn me into adding and building on this image with golds, reds and turquoise.

I’ll post an update on this image as the work progresses.

EDIT: She’s changing…

Colour Living in Norway Studio

Homage to Bird Woman

2019 was a year that shook me…. I’m looking forward to 2020 and allowing the disparate parts of me to continue falling into place.
 Homage to Bird Woman is self portrait. It’s a reflection of who I am and what has led me to this place, feeding the birds and working through the layers of feeling and experience within.

Like me, Bird Woman is a work of many layers and many different faces. She has a past too; I work with old canvases, so just like me, she did not spring into life on a blank sheet of paper.

Homage to Bird Woman, by Lizz DanielsAn interesting aspect of working with recycled materials is that I’m compelled to accept the idiosyncrasies, faults and flaws of the base canvas. This frees me to bring an abandoned approach to working on the first layer. Accepting what has gone before and stepping forward with new layers is an exciting part of the process.

Through every step of this work, I’ve used flow art techniques to achieve results that surprise me. I’ve scrubbed out, painted over and removed layers in order to make space of spontaneous interventions to revitalise and renew the work.

The nature of flow moves me into a trance-like state where I allow thoughts to permeate and percolate on whether there are lessons in this process of acceptance and moving on for the way we live our lives. Life is certainly complicate and multi-layered as far as I’m concerned.

There are cutting-out techniques in Homage to Bird Woman, too. Cutting and snipping is a therapeutic aspect of my art. The gay abandonment of getting stuck into cutting and sticking can feel like a serious work out for my soul. Sticking and placing pieces generates a very good feeling for me. This is a flow art movement that creates a strong head/heart connection.

Homage to Bird Woman is a mixed media artwork, measuring 71cm x 99cm. Framed, 4,000kr.
Homage to Bird Woman is a mixed media artwork, measuring 71cm x 99cm. Framed, 4,000kr.

Another aspect of flow art and using a number of different materials is that I’ve allowing synchronicity to shape the direction of my Bird Woman. Not working to a fixed plan reflects the symbolic message that she carries.

Life, and this Homage, is all about layers, making mistakes and ultimately building towards a satisfying ending. I am always working with the flow process… my paintings are internal processes in themselves.

Next: Announcing details and venue of my next exhibition.