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After navigating a lot of strange hats they unexpectedly came to the edge of the table. It was all rather scary. What next?

Covid-19 Hats Photography Studio

Hats in a Pandemic #50

Freedom for humanity.

Out of all 50 hats this is the only one I was asked to make and was given a title for. This led to a longer incubation period. It seemed fitting that this one should mark a completion of my journey through the pandemic.

It was a tricky one to engineer, I knew what I wanted but putting it together proved to be a marathon of a job. I also wanted it to be living so I had to wait for the mustard seed to grow.

It is a hat full of symbols.

The first part of the hat that came into being and is the basis of the whole idea was the hands of Buzz Lightyear (of ‘to infinity and beyond’)…breaking the chains that bind humanity.

Throughout the whole of hat making the roses are the only thing I have purchased new, I wanted something living and symbolically alive.

The whole idea is about cosmic consciousness and reaching out to the spiritual world, about us transforming.

We are being watched over by higher light beings represented by the nine angels attached to the brim of the hat. Love will pave the way for our freedom to shine forth.

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Start Up Sunday

Nothing like wearing a giant clog on your head to start up Sunday,

Childhood Photography Studio


None of them had ever seen a chicken before.

Childhood Happiness Living in Norway Photography Studio

Story nut

Nutkins listened to Grandpa’s stories with amazement.

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Not Hat #50

Captain Nut’s (hat 38) mum was worried about the hat maker.

“Hmmmm” she said, gently stroking her pet Nutkins. ‘She is having trouble with hat 50, is she? Difficult hat that. I believe it’s called Freedom for humanity, isn’t it? How can you make that into a hat?

“Poor woman she has been on the go for days now . How many days is it? What did you say? Nearly 60 with the face masks. Goodness. No wonder she is having a hard time with this one. When she will stop, poor love?

“I think she needs a sweet little pet like Nutkins, that would sort her out.”

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Hats in a Pandemic #49

The Second Wave.

Learning to surf the fear.

Some of these hats take time coming from the initial idea into fruition. This is one of them. It has been in my mind since the second wave was first talked of weeks ago, now it is on my head.

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Hats in a Pandemic #48

The Problem with Plastic.

Single use plastic disturbs me. Throwing it away doesn’t feel right, even though its supposedly recycled.

I have periods where I obsessively keep my plastic food containers, saving them for a time when I can use them creatively, and thus ease my guilt. I wish we didn’t have to use it and had other options.

Consequently, I have a large amount of single-use plastic that once held the food I purchased. Plastic needs to be phased out and replaced with something kinder. I wonder if I will see the end of plastic in my lifetime?

But back on a lighter note, Hat 48 was a fun hat to make. I have always made play costumes for my kids and grandkids and I got quite into this space-character. A mixing of chocolate box jedhi warriour and Mork and Mindy.

Covid-19 Hats Photography Studio

Hats in a Pandemic #47

Look whose been lying again!

It’s hat 23 again with additions. Also called “Am I just a puppet on a string?”

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Hats in a Pandemic #45

A Soft Touch

Out of all the hats I have made I think this one is really brilliant. I love everything about it. It was made it over three weeks ago and has been waiting for the right time to be displayed.

Some hats fall into place just like that. This was one of them. In the midst of world-lack, the 20-year-old rubber gloves were being thrown out and it felt like sacrilege. I grabbed them out the bin and at the same time remembered the old Chinese coolie hat hanging in the winter garden. In an instant I saw the hat’s design and accompanying costume and the name fell into my head.

A Soft Touch. It was like a light bulb lit up. All the different nuances that went with the name, everything fitted perfectly, right down to the little coronavirus at the very top which you can’t see.

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Hats in a Pandemic #44

Bird Woman

This hat draws your attention to the amount of birds killed on the main route from Dover to distribution centers all over the UK.

On this road there is a huge amount of heavy-duty traffic delivering and collecting consumer goods. These lorries kill a lot of birds. They create havoc with their tall sides and high speed.

Wasn’t it King Lear who once said ,

‘Gold is worse poison to a man’s soul, doing more murders in this loathsome world, than any mortal drug’.

William Shakespeare

All the feathers and skins you see here I have collected from the birds killed on this motorway. Often at great risk.

I honor the birds by giving them new life, their lives are respected, and their beauty is restored. It is a true art of transformation.

During this period Bird Woman came into being and rose to new heights, she is still part of me. ‘Honoring the birds’ became an end of year art school presentation, where amongst other things I used the feathers to make smudge fans.

Covid-19 Hats Living in Norway meditation Photography Poem Studio

Hats in a Pandemic #43

King Lear.

‘I am old and foolish and understand it not. The art of our necessities is strange that can make vile things precious’.

William Shakespeare

Old King Lear rode by for a visit, puffed up his feathers and left.

More about the feathers tomorrow. They have their own story.

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Hats in a Pandemic #40

Barking Up The Wrong Tree

40 days of hat making has got me thinking!

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Hats in a Pandemic #39

Something Exotic

That fern just begged me to put it on my head. How could I refuse?

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Hats in a Pandemic #38

Captain Nut.

Here to serve and save nuts world wide.

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Hats in a Pandemic #37

Don’t you go messin’ with Mizz Lizzy.

I’ll be darned if it ain’t Mizz Lizzy down from the ranch. What’s she doin’ back in town?

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Hats in a Pandemic #36


I must not let the hats and all the praising go to my head. I remind myself daily amidst all internal conflicts that it is my duty to shine.

Thank you for shining with me.

This could also be called gratitude.

Colour Covid-19 Hats Photography Studio

Hats in a Pandemic #35

Love Sushi.

Years of saving the little sauce fishes one used to get with sushi has finally paid off, their day has come.

If I was not so busy with the garden, I would have laboriously filled all the fishes with different colors, but necklace and earrings were enough. I mean I don’t want too get too obsessed with this hat malarkey. It could be dangerous.

Covid-19 Hats Photography Studio

Hats in a Pandemic #34

I’ve got my eye on you.

These days when our personal freedom is being discussed there is much talk concerning surveillance. What does it mean ‘surveillance’?

My limited understanding of its use is through the crime series I watch and how the cctv cameras are always helpful in catching criminals. Looking into it I discovered this story which made me rather uneasy about how it can be used.

The incident takes place in china where surveillance is in total use. Every time we go through passport control, we undergo facial recognition, something incidentally that was not in place before 9/11. Some tech boys were working there.

One lad does not wait at the crossing, but jay walks across the road. Immediately he receives a telephone message that he has broken the law and receives a fine which is then automatically taken from his bank account.

Just like that.

It’s something very simple but personally I find very scary. Who knows where it can lead?

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Hats in a Pandemic #33

Anyone for a nice cup of tea?