Creative Workshops

I really like helping people unleash their blocked creativity and enable them to discover the healing power of art. Using different mediums and fun exercises designed to be playful and reflective, participants always leave my workspace happy. The most important part is not the finished outcome but the process of getting there. 

People come because they want to explore certain mixed media techniques further, or they feel a pull to dive deeper into who they are and what they are experiencing. Some folks show up because they just want to have arty fun.

For the most part I work from my studio, with people of all ages and abilities, either in small groups or one to one.  These sessions usually last from one to two hours.  My hourly rate  depends on what you want, how many attend and what materials are used. 

A popular entertaining workshop that I take out into the world is hat making using recycled materials in inventive ways. It’s a lot of fun. I provide all what is needed. 

Please contact me for more information I am happy to help in what ever way, art and people are my passion. 

Intentional Allowing & Soul Journeys Facilitator

This is not just a painting course. The focus is on allowing you to discover what really wants to come through from your innermost being. This entails embracing both our sorrows and our joys, and confronting old negative thought patterns along with our critical self-imposed limitations.

By connecting to this creative source of what is known as intuitive female energy and using it as a tool for transformation, we allow ourselves to go deeper into the process of being who we are.

I call this intentional soul work.  At the end of these 2 days you will have a meaningful painting to take away with you that holds a message of personal growth, made by you for you. It is a wonderful way to explore your journey in life.

Over 2 days of approximately 4 hours each day, I will guide you on a journey of self-discovery that will ignite your creative spark and reconnect you with your intuition. 

Through very simple exercise and experimentation your painting emerges in unexpected ways, surprising you with symbolic messages that come from within. This is a soul journey.

The cost of this 2 day dive into yourself is £280 / 2,800 Kr / 280 Euros. This includes all materials.

Training and experience

Having trained with Flora Aube I am an accredited Art of Allowing facilitator. I have also worked with Intentional creativity for some years as a Red Thread facilitator. 

Since 2016 I have been working with art professionally as an inner compass guide and a means of self-exploration and transformation.

My education is in interpersonal skills and behaviour therapy.   I have worked with personal development for over 30 years as a facilitator in assertiveness training, anger release and women’s sexuality.

Understanding the necessity of empathy and trust, I provide a safe place to open up and go beyond the superficial, and I am well accustomed to working with individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Skilled in recognising hidden repetitive patterns that hinder creative potential I offer the means to bring about change.