Folk Art

Å Redde Norges Kultural Arv                                                                                          

Discarded folkloric treasures are something I eagerly collect on my frequent visits to second hand shops in whichever country I happen to be in.

Norway has provided some wonderful finds in the form of embroidered wool cushions and wall hangings. These fabulous hand sewn patterned items, made with great care by women of all ages represent a past era of folkloric culture.

One can indeed find similar patterns of embroidered work in indigenous populations’ world over. In Å Redde Norges Kultural Arv I’ve displayed Norway’s unrecognised woollen-art heritage in a splash of colourful splendour that both surprises the spectator and triggers an emotional response.

I’ve got an eye for seeing the extraordinary in ordinary everyday objects and I’m keen to pull the viewer into my world of evocative memory. It’s especially rewarding to see the Norwegian public interpret what they see with new eyes and re-evaluate their disappearing folk art.