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Hats in a Pandemic #34

I’ve got my eye on you.

These days when our personal freedom is being discussed there is much talk concerning surveillance. What does it mean ‘surveillance’?

My limited understanding of its use is through the crime series I watch and how the cctv cameras are always helpful in catching criminals. Looking into it I discovered this story which made me rather uneasy about how it can be used.

The incident takes place in china where surveillance is in total use. Every time we go through passport control, we undergo facial recognition, something incidentally that was not in place before 9/11. Some tech boys were working there.

One lad does not wait at the crossing, but jay walks across the road. Immediately he receives a telephone message that he has broken the law and receives a fine which is then automatically taken from his bank account.

Just like that.

It’s something very simple but personally I find very scary. Who knows where it can lead?

By Lizz

British artist living in Norway. I have been working with behaviour patterns for years, both as a facilitator in communication skills and as an artist. Meditation and soul searching led me to discover flow art techniques. Sharing my art and working with individuals to help them access the creativity and happiness they hold within them, is a truly inspiring experience.