Covid-19 Hats meditation painting with paper Photography Studio

Hats in a Pandemic #44

Bird Woman

This hat draws your attention to the amount of birds killed on the main route from Dover to distribution centers all over the UK.

On this road there is a huge amount of heavy-duty traffic delivering and collecting consumer goods. These lorries kill a lot of birds. They create havoc with their tall sides and high speed.

Wasn’t it King Lear who once said ,

‘Gold is worse poison to a man’s soul, doing more murders in this loathsome world, than any mortal drug’.

William Shakespeare

All the feathers and skins you see here I have collected from the birds killed on this motorway. Often at great risk.

I honor the birds by giving them new life, their lives are respected, and their beauty is restored. It is a true art of transformation.

During this period Bird Woman came into being and rose to new heights, she is still part of me. ‘Honoring the birds’ became an end of year art school presentation, where amongst other things I used the feathers to make smudge fans.

By Lizz

British artist living in Norway. I have been working with behaviour patterns for years, both as a facilitator in communication skills and as an artist. Meditation and soul searching led me to discover flow art techniques. Sharing my art and working with individuals to help them access the creativity and happiness they hold within them, is a truly inspiring experience.