Covid-19 Happiness Hats Living in Norway Photography Studio

Hats in a Pandemic #45

A Soft Touch

Out of all the hats I have made I think this one is really brilliant. I love everything about it. It was made it over three weeks ago and has been waiting for the right time to be displayed.

Some hats fall into place just like that. This was one of them. In the midst of world-lack, the 20-year-old rubber gloves were being thrown out and it felt like sacrilege. I grabbed them out the bin and at the same time remembered the old Chinese coolie hat hanging in the winter garden. In an instant I saw the hat’s design and accompanying costume and the name fell into my head.

A Soft Touch. It was like a light bulb lit up. All the different nuances that went with the name, everything fitted perfectly, right down to the little coronavirus at the very top which you can’t see.

By Lizz

British artist living in Norway. I have been working with behaviour patterns for years, both as a facilitator in communication skills and as an artist. Meditation and soul searching led me to discover flow art techniques. Sharing my art and working with individuals to help them access the creativity and happiness they hold within them, is a truly inspiring experience.