Covid-19 Hats painting with paper Studio

Hats in a Pandemic #46

The Quantum Factor.

Because Mr. Mischief dropped in (two hats back) and provoked me, I started to see that rascal Dread hanging around on street corners.

Dr. Dread has quite openly, in full sight, been up to his tricks wheeling and dealing but it was easier to turn a blind eye to his nefarious ways.

Captain Nut, from the World Nut Rescue, (Hat 38) reminded me of the quantum factor that surrounds our every thought and how the universe is evolving and we are too.

Pineal Activation (hat 30) convinced me that we can create our own reality and that the possibility of change was in our hands.

Enlightened (hat 36) said it was all Maya anyway and that nothing really existed. Hope for the future (hat 4) was excited about there being more than three dimensions to reality and told me that worrying was a waste of time.

By Lizz

British artist living in Norway. I have been working with behaviour patterns for years, both as a facilitator in communication skills and as an artist. Meditation and soul searching led me to discover flow art techniques. Sharing my art and working with individuals to help them access the creativity and happiness they hold within them, is a truly inspiring experience.