Homage to Bird Woman

Homage to Bird Woman

2019 was a year that shook me about a bit. Without going into detail and telling stories that might misrepresent the people I care so much about… I’m looking forward to 2020 and allowing the disparate parts of me to continue falling into place. Homage to Bird Woman, blue tones not withstanding, is a kind of self portrait. It’s a reflection of who I am and what has led me to this place.

Like me, Bird Woman is a work of many layers and many different faces. She has a past too; I work with old canvases, so just like me, she did not spring into life ona blank sheet of paper.

It’s an interesting aspect of working with recycled materials that I’m compelled to accept the idiosyncrasies, faults and flaws of the base canvas. This frees me to bring an abandoned approach to working on the first layer. And all the following layers too.

Through every step of this work, I’ve used flow art techniques to achieve results that surprise me. I’ve scrubbed out, painted over and removed layers in order to make space of spontaneous interventions to revitalise and renew the work.

There are cutting-out techniques in Homage to Bird Woman, too. Cutting and snipping is a therapeutic aspect of my art. The gay abandonment of getting stuck into cutting and sticking can feel like a serious work out for my soul. Sticking and placing pieces generates a very good feeling for me. This is a flow art movement that creates a strong head/heart connection.

Another aspect of flow art and using a number of different materials is that I’ve allowing synchronicity to shape the direction of my Bird Woman. Not working to a fixed plan reflects the symbolic message that she carries.

Life, and this Homage, is all about layers, making mistakes and ultimately building towards a satisfying ending. I am always working with the flow process… my paintings are internal processes in themselves.

Homage to Bird Woman is a mixed media artwork, measuring 71cm x 99cm. Framed, 4,000kr.

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