Art of Allowing

Lizz Daniels: Art of Allowing & Soul Journeys Facilitator

“Lizz is with you all the way in a way that helps you to get your creativity going, she is with you 100% at all times. A short meditation starts the session and sets the theme for the two days. Lizz is skilled at bringing forth what is arising and focuses her attention on birthing it. She has a long experience as an art facilitator and comes up with ideas that the participant is free to use or not. It was a life changing course for me as I no longer have the need to direct all of what I do all of the time. I feel much better at allowing life to happen and act itself out.”

Trained as an Art of Allowing facilitator Lizz leads individuals and groups on Personal Soul Journeys, helping them reconnect to this ancient feminine wisdom and trust in the process of the heart.

Lizz Daniels is an artist and creative facilitator with a spiritual interest in human evolution and consciousness.

Following a personal tragedy she discovered the healing power of art which took her on a deep inner journey of transformation.

Becoming aware of the power of the unseen forces that surround the material world, Lizz was introduced to the Divine feminine principal recognizing how lacking it is in our lives today.

Working with me

This is soul work, not just a painting course. The focus is on allowing you to discover what really wants to come through. This often entails confronting old negative thought patterns and self-imposed limitations.

By connecting to this creative source of intuitive female energy and using it as a tool for transformation, we allow ourselves to go deeper into the process of being who we are.

This is creative soul work and at the end of these 2 days you will have a beautiful meaningful painting to take away with you that holds a message of personal growth. It is a wonderful way to explore your journey in life.

Over 2 days of approximately 4 hours each day, we will work together in a safe environment without judgement, without fear.

During this time we will experiment and play with paint, allowing the unseen ever-present force to emerge. Putting yourself to the side and letting the unexpected shine through you will paint a female face that holds a symbolic message for you, a reflection of what is going on under the surface.

The cost of this 2 day dive into inner revelation is £250 / 2,500 Kr / 250 Euros. This includes all materials.

Training and Experience

I am an accredited Art of Allowing facilitator having trained with Flora Aube, and I have been working with this means of personal development since 2016.

I have an education in interpersonal skills and behaviour therapy and have worked with personal development for over 30 years as a facilitator in assertiveness training and women’s sexuality. I am well accustomed to working with individuals of all ages and backgrounds and skilled in recognising repetitive patterns that hide our potential.