"Welcome to the webspace of a self confessed createaholic addicted to cutting and snipping plastic adhesives. I am a modern day alchemist transforming recycled industrial plastic waste into something beautiful, uplifting and full of joy. I love it; I love sticky back plastic."


My work is based on energy flows and movement. It contains within it the possibility of change. It’s all to do with the disintegration and shattering of old patterns and beliefs and the allowing of new ones to rise.
Without knowing what I was doing I began to make internal electrical circuits, memory chips and a type of genetic coding that manifested as a kind of visual rewiring. I then started embedding words into the circuits and realised I was creating a new sort of plastic software that reflected and symbolised the joyful transition of change.

I love sticky back plastic

Mindlessly sticking vinyl night after night
Letting the patterns unfold keeps me feeling right.
Sanity art is what I call it for the mentally insane
But it keeps me ticking over and takes away the strain.
I love the way it leads me to an empty distant place
Where I can wander easily in deep creative space.
It’s a satisfying feeling peeling off the backing paper
Oh! I really love to sink myself into this cutting caper.
Such mindless joy it brings me as I cut and snip away,
I feel just like a little kid who’s found a game to play.
Immersed in random sticking time just passes me
I haven’t got a thought of what the end might be.
Unfolding waves of vinyl weaving merrily on their way
I’m the tool that holds the flow and lets the plastic play.
Hooray! I love sticky back plastic.

Tribal Grandmothers

I see my work as a blending of modern tribal impressionism interwoven with traditional ideas from the heart of the grandmother. Grandmothers have always been the weavers and I am no exception, instead of weaving with cloth I do it with plastic and light. Each piece is an outer projection/reflection of an inner mind/body state encapsulated into being by random sticking. They all have an illusionary quality changing shape and form depending on light and eye focus. By using lots of layers and reflective material they become alive and take on a 3-D effect that teases the eyes and pulls the onlooker into the unfolding pattern. Like a mandala this subtle movement is both vital and inevitable to the outcome of the viewers internal emotional response. I am the Grandmother weaving ancient wisdom in this modern world.

Electrical Circuits

Each piece is an outer projection/reflection of an inner mind/body state encapsulated into being by random sticking and spontaneous feeling, symbolising the joyful transition of transformation and change.


Sticky back plastic is where it all first began .

Lost in sadness at the death of my daughter I got stuck in to randomly sticking recycled plastic adhesive that just happened to come into my hands at this time. It really helped me work through my grief connecting me to deep meditive states which later developed into what I call the flow state.

This has been a basis for all my work and is still very much in use today. It really kept me afloat in hard times and kept my mind occupied for hours.

I have a large body of work to show from my sticky back plastic period which somehow blends in with the Norwegian folk art patterns.

All of what I do has an illusionary quality changing shape and form depending on light and eye focus, what you see depends on where you stand. Without knowing what I was doing I began creating a type of visual software that enables the voyeur to morph into other dimensions. To appreciate this visual journey the eyes must ‘merge into’ rather than ‘look at’.


Everything I use in my Plastic Adhesive Art is recycled. I collected large rolls from the factory that were going to be thrown into landfill and then proceeded to cut them up into very small usable pieces. You can see from the photograph the size of the rolls in relation to the scissors. In making this kind of art, there is a huge amount of cutting and snipping involved and this is a vital part of the flow state. I see it as a major alchemical transformation process,, turning old waste unwanted plastic into something meaningful and full of joy, an action similar to turning base metal into gold. this kind of transformation is what my life is all about.