Hats meditation Photography Studio

Not Hat #50

Captain Nut’s (hat 38) mum was worried about the hat maker.

“Hmmmm” she said, gently stroking her pet Nutkins. ‘She is having trouble with hat 50, is she? Difficult hat that. I believe it’s called Freedom for humanity, isn’t it? How can you make that into a hat?

“Poor woman she has been on the go for days now . How many days is it? What did you say? Nearly 60 with the face masks. Goodness. No wonder she is having a hard time with this one. When she will stop, poor love?

“I think she needs a sweet little pet like Nutkins, that would sort her out.”

By Lizz

British artist living in Norway. I have been working with behaviour patterns for years, both as a facilitator in communication skills and as an artist. Meditation and soul searching led me to discover flow art techniques. Sharing my art and working with individuals to help them access the creativity and happiness they hold within them, is a truly inspiring experience.