Lizz Daniels

“Finding flow is a wonderfully liberating and a creative way to off load problems override depression, develop confidence, relax and meditate.

It allows one to be open to all kinds of new possibilities.”


“I love to create joyful uplifting art works that have within them a blending of ancient and modern wisdom.

Many of my paintings and mixed media collages are to be viewed as emotional representations of thoughts within the mind, reflecting the need for inner transformation and engagement in a spiritual unfolding. Joy plays a big part.”

The cushions have come home! The memories of a past age, woven with similar patterns have come back to be with the wall hangings, of same style.

I get a certain pleasure of seeing them altogether. Cafevintage has a new summer look and a reshuffle so do go and check out. 9 May 2020

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Hats in a Pandemic

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Hats in a Pandemic #30
Finally, after a lot of focused effort, her pineal gland burst into flames. She was one step further into understanding the human potential and the infinite possibilities of the mind.

Hat #30 Pineal Activation

A series of recycled, reinvented headgear expressing Lizz’s reflections of life in lockdown.

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Check out wild hats Lizz is making in the age of corona

It’s a good feeling when your ideas get noticed. Here’s my interview in Dagsavisen.

Work, techniques and exhibitions

Lizz Daniels is a British mixed media artist, living and working in Norway. A prolific maker, she is now exhibiting her work and reaching out for new collaborative projects.

Norwegian Folk Art

I have always had a passion for handicrafts and Norway has provided me with ample opportunities to collect a large number of unwanted cushions and wall hangings.

It is my joy to gather these unrecognized treasures and then utilize them in ways they would not normally be seen. I hang cushions from the ceiling or suspend them from walls, The embroidered hangings decorate whole rooms or light up the outside of a building. It’s about seeing the extraordinary in everyday objects.

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Mixed media collage

Working with irregular shaped textual surfaces clotted with paint and found objects, my mixed media work is funky and innovative; a naive blend of art, history and technique. Delving into fantasy worlds and fusing colour.

At the forefront of my work is the need to reuse and transform what is already in existence and I get great satisfaction in revitalizing old found canvases.

I manipulate these canvasses into surfaces of my imagination, layered with atmospheric memories and symbolic meaning.

Objects and images are hidden within the many layers of each individual picture, inviting you to look deeper and see more.

All jazzed Up
All Jazzed Up : I love using this technique. it is always a source of joy to get stuck in to random sticking. This brings about a sense of uplifting vibrancy.

I love sticky back plastic

Sticky back plastic is where it all first began .

I have a large body of work to show from my sticky back plastic period which somehow blends in with the Norwegian folk art patterns. 

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